Music Archives

Etude – Sean Fisher: Guitar, Peter Tutak: Bass, Vernon Lawton: Drums

ClockWorks – by MonkeyBat with  Scott Lewis – Guitar, Brian Todd – Bass, Vern Lawton – Drums. Recorded at ElectroKitty Nov 10th 2013


Minds Eye –  Just me. Recorded in the Vern studio Fall of 2009

 Forest –  by Tolex Soul with Christian Smith – Guitar, David Minor – Sax, the late Ken Strong on Bass and Vern Lawton on drums (written by Christian Smith) – recorded in the Vern studio 2009

Dreams of Hedonistic Excess-  with Crimes Of Modern Architecture. Professor Chadwich – Guitar, Q – Bass, Vern Lawton – Drums Recorded in the Vern studio 2008


Clumsy Me – Just me. Recorded at the Vern Studio fall 2008

Promises – Just me

Two Weeks From today – Jamm session at the Vern Studios. I forget who was there except Wayne oh Harmonica and vocals. late 2010

Unlucky So and So – The Natives @ The Starry Plough in Berkeley Calif. Steve Hayden (rip) – Guitar, John Havard (Rip) – Guitar, Chris Key – Bass, George Petersen – Vocals, Vern Lawton Drums 1980


-ING – A long distance Avant-Gaurd recording project released in Feb 2010
Featuring Charles Rice Goff III and Vernon Lawton


Insert-Art-Here – Vern Lawton 2009