I recently finished building a new bad ass computer HAL2019 (HAL). Hal easily handles audio so were back up and able to record 32 channels of audio (finally). Also since HAL is such a legit I bought a really cool video switching software package. With that Hal can switch 5 cameras of video which I have been testing for a few weeks. The final test is to record 32 channel audio, send a separate mix to the video switcher (just another part of Hal), switch those 5 HD video cameras and stream them live to the interwebs. All at the same time! Once that’s finished Live@Vern’s Place will back in full production mode. Yes more videos are on the way “I’m so excited”!!!

There’s always sumpthin.

Its time to apply more studio updates. I have been playing with a number of camera setup’s and have decided on purchasing a Black Magic video switcher. Once that’s in I will be able to match cameras and get a more consistent video presentation system. With the addition of the Presonus RM32 Ai Studio Live setup I have really decent audio and a very flexible studio system that I really like soooo. Onward and upward i guess?

OZone Sessions

Here’s a little something from Collin W Kinder’s OZone sessions recorded earlier this year @ Vern’s place



MonkeyBat dissolved 1.0

Here’s the last recorded MonkeyBat song.

Written by the now dissolved MonkeyBat somewhere mid 2015.

MonkeyBat consisted of:

Guitar – Scott Lewis,

Bass – Brian Todd,

Drums – Vern Lawton,

Engineered, recorded and mixed @ The Vern studios in West Seattle by me (Vern)

There are several other tunes that may be suitable for mix down depending. Its a work in progress and a labor of love not to be rushed.

Possible songs to be Mixed:

SAJ (Sweet Ass Jesus)

Phantom Limb


Hash Table

Air play

KPTZ will be playing a yet to be released MonkeyBat song “Pockets” on The Progressive Tracks Show this week, starting tonight night (6/22/17) at 8:00 PM on   After that, it’ll be played Sunday early morning (5:00 AM) on KPTZ, then Monday afternoon at 2:30 on Progzilla, and finally Monday night at 9:00 PM on KPTZ.   And, of course, the podcast will be available on next Tuesday.  All the details and links for tuning in are here if you want to share with anyone:

Mike from KPTZ was nice enough to approach me at Seaprog 2017 and had been trying to contact us since we kicked off the vary 1st Seaprog. He energized my enthusiasm enough to finish mixing Pockets and the rest of the songs for that matter. In return I slipped him the 1st unreleased copy of the mix. There are about 6 more songs to mix and a LOT of things to figure out how to fix so it will be a while till its done, but anything good takes time right?

Album #2

MonkeyBat is now officially on hiatus at least for the foreseeable future.  Since then I have begun going through the archives and am currently mixing album #2, cause well, “there’s nothing like a good #2″ :0) Rather than pay out all that angry cheese (mad cheddar) to have someone else who doesn’t know the tunes as well as I do, do it, I decided to invest in a 32 channel digital mixing system and mix it in house. I have completed mixing the 1st song “Pockets” and will continue mixing, fixing and overdubbing the rest of the songs. Its a labor of love and a tedious process so its gonna take some time and I’m in no rush.

The great break of 2016

After about 5 years, MonkeyBat wound down earlier this year. It was a good run and we got a decent album out of it. There is still another 3/4 of another album that may or may not be released at some point. In the mean time I decided to take some time time off to regroup.
I am still writing music etc, but sometimes its nice to take a long vacation right?

Fresh Music

I have been so involved in this one project and finishing the 2nd record that I have effectively  removed myself from the local music scene. Turns out that’s not such a great idea and I really miss playin with ya’ll. So I am now searching for new musicians and\or a new project to contribute to. Something accessible with depth and soul. I have the time and the space, just looking for the right people and the right material. So get a hold of me (you know who you are).

Comin right up.

So ya, MonkeyBat is now officially in the studio working on record number two, cause well, “there’s nothing like a good #2 :0) Rather than pay out all that angry cheese (mad cheddar),  we decided to invest in our own recording studio which exists on the lower level of my house. Needless to say we are tahing out time trying to get it right so stay tuned.

Gone for Good

Sad to see you go. George Petersen longtime friend, band-mate and totally unique & talented individual dies this week. George and I played in a really  popular band called The Natives back in the day. He was quite the character and a one of a kind who changed my life in many ways.

RIP my friend…