TFX 2016

On stage at TonyFest10

On stage at TonyFest10

The great break of 2016

After about 5 years, MonkeyBat wound down earlier this year. It was a good run and we got a decent album out of it. There is still another 3/4 of another album that may or may not be released at some point. In the mean time I decided to take some time time off to regroup.
I am still writing music etc, but sometimes its nice to take a long vacation right?

Occasional Vern Stream


The Studio


Fresh Music

I have been so involved in this one project and finishing the 2nd record that I have effectively  removed myself from the local music scene. Turns out that’s not such a great idea and I really miss playin with ya’ll. So I am now searching for new musicians and\or a new project to contribute to. Something accessible with depth and soul. I have the time and the space, just looking for the right people and the right material. So get a hold of me (you know who you are).

Comin right up.

So ya, MonkeyBat is now officially in the studio working on record number two, cause well, “there’s nothing like a good #2 :0) Rather than pay out all that angry cheese (mad cheddar),  we decided to invest in our own recording studio which exists on the lower level of my house. Needless to say we are tahing out time trying to get it right so stay tuned.

Gone for Good

Sad to see you go. George Petersen longtime friend, band-mate and totally unique & talented individual dies this week. George and I played in a really  popular band called The Natives back in the day. He was quite the character and a one of a kind who changed my life in many ways.

RIP my friend…

Enjoy the ride

Gezz I havnt written in here for ever. Most of my time has been going into  MonkeyBat and their website.

So many things going on this year. New roomies, building projects, art projects, new music, building a studio so we can record our next album, no wonder I’m still single.

Fixie Fixie

Ok progress on the webpage weeeeeee.

Some of the music archives are going up. How entertaining to listen to such history.

Man we have some fun at my house 🙂


Look at meeeeeee

OK so there have  been a lot of things on my list lately. This Vern site thing was obviously at the bottom.

So… where were we? Ah right. I needed to fix the MonkeyBat webpage so I flattened my page so I could gracefully build it and transition to it with a minimum of ugliness. Then the concert season over took my focus. Now I’m back thinking “what the hell did i do to my site?.Ill figure it out gimme a minute and probably some beers :0) Ya I know, its really F#$@!ED up. Ill get it ;0)