Springtime Love   Our new Album: “Springtime Love’ Was released in early July. It is the culmination of 3 years of composing, practicing rehearsing as a band and performing\testing our material on a live audience and just about anyone that would listen. We recorded it at Studio Litho in Fremont with the help of Nelson & Field Audio. It was Mastered at Electrokitty Sound Studios by Gay Renolds. The cover art was done by Ryan “Henry” Ward.

  The Band: Scott Lewis plays primarily a Breedlove C25/crh guitar. Brian Todd plays a 1997 Warwick thumb 6 string bass. Vern Lawton plays an assortment of items including, Metals: Paiste, Zyldian, LP. Drums: Taye, Garcia, Sonor. Gadgets: Billdidit, Porter & Davies, DW.

Special thanks: goes out to Margarita Ashirova, Tony (Art Guy) Horn, Ken Studebaker, Amy Donnelly and the rest of our immediate or extended families who endured all things associated with 20 months of rehearsals.

Album #2: Its on its way, we haven’t slowed down one bit. Were more than half way through the next album and going strong. This new album shows a lot of growth within this group as far as composition is concerned. Its a great representation of the evolution of the band. We are going to continue performing around Seattle while finish writing the second album after that ya never know. Keep checking back here for more updates.