Air play

KPTZ will be playing a yet to be released MonkeyBat song “Pockets” on The Progressive Tracks Show this week, starting tonight night (6/22/17) at 8:00 PM on   After that, it’ll be played Sunday early morning (5:00 AM) on KPTZ, then Monday afternoon at 2:30 on Progzilla, and finally Monday night at 9:00 PM on KPTZ.   And, of course, the podcast will be available on next Tuesday.  All the details and links for tuning in are here if you want to share with anyone:

Mike from KPTZ was nice enough to approach me at Seaprog 2017 and had been trying to contact us since we kicked off the vary 1st Seaprog. He energized my enthusiasm enough to finish mixing Pockets and the rest of the songs for that matter. In return I slipped him the 1st unreleased copy of the mix. There are about 6 more songs to mix and a LOT of things to figure out how to fix so it will be a while till its done, but anything good takes time right?