Hello friends

While getting around to building a web page has always been very low on my priority list, It is sometimes necessary to do so in order to share information conveniently and effectively. It is in that interest that I offer this page

Here’s my story

I’ve been playing the drums pretty much my whole life. I spent years studying and performing orchestral percussion and playing in jazz and rock bands. When I lived in the California Bay area in the 80’s I had the pleasure of performing with nationally renowned classic rock musicians from CCR, The Band, Buddy Miles, as well as many regional favorites of the time prior to my foray into the world of jazz. Since my relocation to Seattle I have become active in the local music scene. My personal emphasis focuses on playing original non-conventional music, however I’m always taking (other) gigs and end up playing a variety of music. My style of playing spans many genres (new music, experimental, standard and free jazz, avant-garde, ska, R&B, rock, soul, etc… My attempt to have a more orchestral and lyrical approach to playing the drums, regarding them as a more tonal instrument rather than a strict time-keeping device, has been well received in local musical circles. Aside from recent more conventional gigs, I continuously try to explore new musical environments and apply them to my signature and somewhat unique brand of “rhythmic treatments”. Whenever possible I host a series called “Live@VernsPlace” from the studio, providing local musicians the opportunity to musically stretch out in a comfortable environment while recording each session for posterity’s sake. I will try to post some of that on the music and Videos page associated with this site. I have a cool 32 channel digital recording studio which I use to encourage unique local artists to record new tunes with me. I also have a video editing suite which interfaces with my system and makes it all fall into place nicely. This is all useful in documenting the evolution (or de-evolution) of the Seattle local music scene and consequently my life as a musician etc.